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Meridian Site SEND Information Report

At the Meridian site we aim to provide a secure and challenging environment where all young people can achieve their full potential, regardless of any difficulty they may have in accessing the curriculum. We will endeavour to integrate students with a wide range of special educational needs into the educational and social life of the school, encouraging them to feel valued, happy and active members of the school community. We recognise that all staff share the responsibility for recognising and supporting students’ special educational needs, and this approach will provide the security and balance needed by students requiring extra support for their learning.

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Universal Provision

Hertfordshire LA

High quality support for learning within mainstream lessons is the most important factor in helping pupils with SEND to make good progress alongside their peers.

School Offer

Tracking students

SEN students are tracked through whole school systems and are monitored carefully to check progress. Where progress is not being made, we identify students and then use the ‘Graduated Approach’ (as outlined in the SEN Code of Practice – available from the link above) to identify significant learning needs and set targets to maximise progress, this is checked/monitored half termly.


Teaching and support staff attend in house training on key areas of SEN. This has included: Dyslexia, Autism, Quality First Teaching, Effective use of Teaching Assistants. Outside agencies and speakers regularly visit school to bring additional expertise and training e.g. to the SEND team.

Core Subjects

Subjects are taught in ability groups where lower sets have significantly smaller numbers and therefore higher teacher: student ratios. This is complemented by effective Teaching Assistants (TA) support as directed by the classroom teacher and Head of Department. TAs work with Core departments (English, Maths and Science) as a means of effective deployment.

Developing Skills

Students are actively encouraged to take part in a wide range of extra-curricular activities on offer to develop social skills and become an integral part of the school community. Additional support groups are available including literacy and numeracy based interventions, plus social interventions when identified as a need.

Inclusion Area

Inclusion area is open from 8.15am Monday to Thursday, and 8:30am Friday, for students with SEN. Within the area we have a classroom with 5 computers and an area for students with sensory issues. Students can access this area during break times and lunch times for social and homework support.

Recording Provision

Hertfordshire LA

High quality support for learning within mainstream lessons is the most important factor in helping pupils with SEND to make good progress alongside their peers.

School Offer

The majority of students’ needs are met by high quality differentiated classroom, class provision. As outlined above, appropriate support and intervention is available. We take into consideration a wide variety of factors before placing any student on the SEN Register. Students may have need but not be placed on the register if they are making good progress in the classroom and all staff are aware, through information sharing on Go4Schools, of the individual needs. However, if student is making inadequate progress and is, in consultation with class teachers, SENDCo and parents, judged to have a significant learning difficulty, he/she a will be placed on the register. Information informing such a data judgment may include:

  • Whole school and departmental tracking about students’ achievement.
  • Data; comprehension, Accelerated Reader reading tests termly in Year 9 and Year 10 for SEND students.
  • Referrals from classroom teachers and Tutors.
  • Information and advice from relevant outside agencies.

The class teacher, in the first instance is responsible for implementing a ‘Graduated Approach’, supported by the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and SENDCo, to identify areas of need and to set deliberately ambitious targets for students. Advice on appropriate interventions and strategies is sought and targets reviewed at least termly. Parents and students are an integral part of this process.

It is important to note that students can receive additional support and interventions as part of whole school provision and this would not automatically place them on our SEN Register.


Hertfordshire LA

Schools use a range of evidence based interventions to support pupils with SEND to make better progress. Interventions are structured learning programmes

  • what interventions your child is receiving and what are the intended learning outcomes;
  • when during the week any interventions will be delivered and for how many weeks;
  • who will be delivering the interventions (usually a well trained teaching assistant) and where (e.g. in class or outside the classroom)
  • how the interventions will relate to and support learning in the classroom;
  • how they will be monitored closely to make sure they are helping your child to make accelerated progress.

School Offer

Whole School, Departmental and individual interventions are available and recorded on our Whole School Provision Map through Go4Schools. Students may receive interventions as part of a small group or individually. Interventions can form part of high quality classroom teaching. Any student placed on the SEND Register may receive an intervention provided by school or as advised by the relevant outside agency. All interventions are monitored closely for impact. This will be discussed with the student before interventions take place as well as parents.

  • Reading Programme (AR Reader)– termly testing with input to improve reading/comprehension and reading age.
    • 15 minutes reading time per day in Tutor Group. Some individuals will be highlighted for 1:1 support.
  • Individual departmental interventions and support opportunities offered by department staff through lunchtime and after school sessions.

TAs will work in English, Maths and Science and will offer small group/individual literacy and numeracy support during morning registration.

Homework/ social support club is available in Inclusion from 8.15 a.m and at lunchtimes.

Students can work quietly and/or seek advice on appropriate topics. A TA is available to support.

  • All intervention plans will focus on areas of difficulty for students.
  • All interventions will be monitored by the SENDCo using the Provision Map which indicates the issue, the nature of the intervention and progress made.

TA Support

Hertfordshire LA

There may be occasions when the school feels that some additional support within lessons may help your child to make better progress. This is by no means always the case. However, if some additional small group or one to one support within lessons is planned, the SENDCo will explain how this will work, what the aims of this support will be and how and when the impact of this support will be reviewed. Most importantly, this support should be aiming to make your child more independent in lessons.

School Offer

We aim to maximise the independence of all students including those with SEN in Meridian School. Teaching Assistant support may be deployed to maximise progress of SEN students within the classroom. Within English, Maths and Science, the deployment of the TAs are made by the Head of Department; they will consider individual student needs. SENDCo advice and support is also an integral part of this process. As further support, TAs is available outside the classroom through homework support, mentoring and extra-curricular opportunities.

Access Arrangements

Students are tested in Year 10 for access arrangements by an SPLD specialist practitioner. Students will be tested using AR to determine who is put forward for access arrange testing. Teachers, students and parents also identify themselves for testing.

Expected Progress

Hertfordshire LA

All pupils with SEND should make at least expected progress, in line with their peers.

School Offer

We aim to set challenging, ambitious targets for all, including those with SEND. Progress of all students is tracked every six weeks through the whole school assessment data. Interventions are implemented when students are underachieving. Teachers and/or the SENDCo will put interventions in place to ensure progress.

Support from Other Agencies

Hertfordshire LA

The Local Authority offers a range of specialist support and outreach services, including educational psychologists and local enhanced mainstream schools, to help schools to deliver appropriate support and interventions, Other specialists such as speech and language therapists can also support schools in this. If the school feels that the involvement of another agency will help them to meet your child’s needs you will be informed and asked to give your consent.

School Offer

We source advice and support from a variety of outside agencies, currently this includes:

  • Autism Outreach Service.
  • Educational Psychologist
  • ESTMA – for students who, for health reasons, cannot attend school
  • Counselling/drama therapy
  • North Herts Secondary Centre and outreach workers
  • Targeted Youth Support Advisors
  • Parent Support Advisors
  • Speech and Language Therapist
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Hearing Impairment Advisors
  • Visual Impairment Advisors
  • SPLD special teacher for access arrangement.

In addition, our school Nurse, works closely with school and parents/careers to support students. She can be contacted via school.

NB. Some of these agencies are referred through external routes such as G.P. and not by school directly.

Communication with Parents

Hertfordshire LA

Schools communicate regularly with parents. This will allow the school to regularly explain to you where your child is in their learning, and to work with you to ensure the most appropriate targets are set to ensure progress. You should be informed about the GCSE target grades that your child is working towards. If you are not sure what these mean, don’t be afraid to ask. On-going communication with school may include:

  • regular contact through e-mail to keep you informed of things that are going well or particular successes
  • more regular meetings to update you on your child’s progress and whether the support is working
  • clear information about the impact of any interventions
  • guidance for you to support your child’s learning at home.

School Offer

The SENDCo will communicate regularly with parents of students identified as having an EHCP or additional SEN needs, as identified on our SEN register as follows:

The SENDCo will communicate any learning issues with parents, if teachers, students express concerns about learning.

EHCP – an initial meeting at the start of the first year followed by meetings at the end of each half term,

Students on the SEN register – a termly letter about interventions and progress.


We have a comprehensive transition process and close links with our feeder Middle Schools. All Year 8 students are invited to activities such as sporting events, drama performances and a full induction day in Year 8. The SENDCo attends transition review meetings on all students and can liaise with any Year 8 parents or schools where students with SEN are identified. Additional visits for SEN and other vulnerable students are also arranged as part of the familiarisation process

We hold a number of parent consultation evenings throughout the year, as well as options evenings for Year 9 and Year 11 students, dates can be found on the website calendar.

Key information on students and strategies for particular SEN conditions within the classroom, are available to staff on Sims.

Additional communication to parents from the school is via student’s diaries, which are used to record homework, organisational details and parents/carers, are encouraged to comment on any areas of concern. These are then passed by tutors to the SENDCo and the students Senior Tutor. Parents /carers are encouraged to call or email the school with any concerns where their enquiry will be passed on to the member of staff best placed to assist.

Show my homework is available to parents on the schools website to monitor any homework that is set throughout the week.

Statutory Assessment

Hertfordshire LA

For a very few children more help will be needed than is normally available through the school’s own resources. Schools, parents and other agencies may decide that it is necessary to request a statutory assessment through the local authority. Your school can discuss this with you in more detail.

School Offer

A small number of students may require an Education Health Care Plan (previously known as ‘Statements’). Any decision to apply for E.H.C.P. is made in full consultation with parents/carers and school. This is only used when all support strategies and the ‘Graduated Approach’ to supporting students with ‘Additional’ needs, has been used.

Staff within Inclusion

Hertfordshire LA

Details of staffing and qualifications

School Offer

  • SENDCo – Mrs Cathy Holland – Currently completing the National Senco Award training
  • TA – Chris Drage – Autism trained
  • TA – Jo Marchant – Level 3 Diploma in Specialist Support Teaching and Learning in Schools
  • TA – Mikaela Robinson – Level 3 Diploma in Specialist Support Teaching and Learning in Schools.
  • TA – Rose Winspeare – Health and Safety Qualifications
  • TA - Sharon Waller

Key contacts

Hertfordshire LA

All mainstream schools have a SENDCo. They, along with your child’s class teacher, will be able to discuss your child’s needs with you, the support for learning that the school is providing to meet their needs, and what expectations the school has for your child’s progress.

School Offer

  • Mrs Cathy Holland– SENDCo:
  • Senior Tutors
    • Miss Beth Williamson - Year 9
    • Mr Afser Choudhury – Year 10
    • Mrs Mikaela Robinson - Year 11
  • Your child’s Tutor

Complaints Procedure

All complaints should be addressed to the SENDCo in the first instance then to the SENDco lead Cathy Holland via Meridian School Office.