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Royston Area Schools Partnership

By linking our resources, expertise, enthusiasm and commitment, we are able to provide an impressive level of continuity in our educational provision.This means that all young people in the Royston area will receive the same high standards of education in all the partnership schools.The value of R.A.S.P. is that we are able to pool our resources and become greater than the sum of our parts. We work together on key agenda’s in education such as assessment and personal wellbeing of learners. All of the schools are committed to working together to:

  • Provide an enjoyable, safe and coherent education
  • Ensure smooth transitions between schools
  • Share expertise and resources

This will support but not replace each school’s individual aims and vision, and every partnership school will retain its unique identity and ethos. All R.A.S.P. schools share a commitment to the young people and families of the area - for their learning, wellbeing and development and their ability to be happy, confident and successful citizens.

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